Winning the War for Our Children

Join the Army of Intercessors Seeking to Reclaim a Generation!

By Cheryl Sacks

Perhaps, like me, you are deeply concerned about what you see happening in schools around our nation. You want to make a difference.

The truth is that no matter what we see with our natural eyes, we can be confident the Lord has a great plan for this young generation! At the same time, as we can very clearly see, Satan has declared war, strategizing how he can steal, kill, and destroy them (see John 10:10).

To this end, he has managed to infiltrate every sphere of culture—including media and entertainment, business, government, science and technology, and, yes, even education—with an agenda to take down the family and destroy our children. He is strategically working on a coordinated, destructive plan—and our children are the target.

This agenda is accelerating before our very eyes, and it’s clear that the goal is to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Currently, the foundations of our education system—and its children—are under moral and intellectual assault like never before. Fewer and fewer Americans believe in a clear and distinct right or wrong, and often our public schools are reinforcing these new norms as “progressive,” “just,” and “inclusive.”

In recent decades, we’ve seen educational standards diminished, prayer in schools abolished, the Word of God removed, socialist and radical sex education introduced, and anti-Christ and anti-Christian curricula implemented. Some elementary schools have gone so far as to approve after-school Satan clubs sponsored by The Satanic Temple. All-out war has been waged against our children’s spiritual, mental, and emotional growth as well as their sexual identity.

To be certain, we did not get to this precipice overnight. Nevertheless, it is not too late for Christians to awaken from our slumber and realize that we are in a pitched battle with forces beyond our comprehension—and at stake are the precious, eternal lives of our own children and grandchildren. This battle for the next generation is won first and foremost on our knees.

  • Through prayer, we can reclaim a generation from the enemy’s efforts to sow confusion, fear, deception, perversion, unbelief, and more.
  • Through prayer, we can invite God’s Holy Spirit onto our school campuses.
  • Through prayer, we can exercise our authority in Christ, and declare and release God’s power over the lives of our students, launching them into their God-given destinies!

Reclaim a Generation is a movement to pray for our schools, and an annual prayer guide that includes up-to-date facts and prayer points related to our schools and children. Reclaim a Generation Volume 2 serves as a call to arms and a training manual to mobilize a mighty prayer force in the war over our schools and children. It is designed to impart hope and inspire your prayers as you hold up this emerging generation before Almighty God. Not only is the Reclaim a Generation Volume 2 guide the result of substantial research, but we also have interviewed teachers, principals, administrators, and heads of educational organizations to obtain first-hand reports of what is actually happening, in real-time, in our classrooms, schools, and academic governing bodies.

Today’s students need our prayers for strength, wisdom, protection, purity, and the preservation of their innocence. Schoolteachers and administrators need wisdom and courage to push back against immoral guidelines and curricula that promote ungodly ideologies and behaviors. Legislators, too, need wisdom and courage to prevail when legislation comes through asking for a vote to promote these programs. We will be covering these topics and more in the days ahead as you pray with us either individually or with a group.

It’s time for us to pick up our spiritual weapons of warfare and contend for the preservation of our children’s and grandchildren’s hearts, minds, and destinies. It is time to reclaim a generation!

I encourage you both to pray individually and to encourage your church to pray with you. Pick a 21-day period this summer, near to the time your kids go back to school, and pray through Reclaim a Generation Volume 2 together!

Thank you for standing in the gap for the next generation!

–Cheryl Sacks is a prolific author on prayer. Her most recent books are Reclaim a Generation Volume 2, Reclaim a Generation and Fire on the Family Altar.

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