September 30

Personal Prayer
Praise the Creator, who fills mountain springs, makes grass grow for cattle, and allows people to bring forth food from the earth (Ps. 104:10-14). Thank God for your food and shelter. Confess that all you have belongs to God. Commit to living as a steward, not a consumer. Ask God where to start in renewing your mind-set.

For Your Family and Friends
Ask God to help you find more joy in fresh air, pure water, and bird song than in manufactured goods. Model this among family and friends.

For the Church
Pray for members in your congregation who struggle with huge credit card bills or have trouble meeting their church offering pledge (Mt. 6:21).

For the Kingdom
Ask God to help Christian outreach agencies manage their budgets, so they can pay their employees justly and reach more people.

For People to Know Jesus
Pray that Christians—by caring more about people than things, by managing money well—will pique interest among non-Christians