January 1

Personal Prayer:
Praise God for his creativity. Give glory for the unending variety exhibited in his creation. Thank God for the wonderful way you have been made and for your unique personality, gifts, and talents. Confess any dissatisfaction you have had with the way you have been created. Commit yourself to serving God with your gifts and talents. Ask that God may reveal your spiritual gifts to you and give you opportunity to use them for him.

For Your Family and Friends:
Pray that family members and friends will be a source of joy and blessing to each other and that together they may experience the joy and blessing of the Lord.

For the Church:
Pray that pastors may speak the Word of God with power and conviction so that God’s people may hear the Word and do it, be equipped for discipling, and witness boldly to the good news.

For the Kingdom:
Pray that the gospel may reach, touch, and renew the hearts and minds of people without hope in our world today so that there may be a great harvest of souls brought into the church.

For People to Know Jesus:
Since “no one can come to [Christ] unless the Father . . . draws him” (Jn. 6:44), pray that God will draw your unsaved relatives, friends, and acquaintances (it’s best to name them) to himself.