Are You Thirsty for Jesus?

Personal revival starts with thirst. God uses the desert to create an unquenchable thirst for Jesus. Nothing this world offers will satisfy. Nothing.

Only Jesus.

It’s in the crucible of the desert that God brings you to a point of insatiable thirst and holy desperation for Him. It’s here He shows you there is more—much, much more—than what you’re living.

Many view the believers’ faith in the four Gospels and Book of Acts as living, impossible-to-attain, super-saint Christianity. But for thirsty Christians, this radical level of faith is both achievable by the grace of God—and the goal. Thirsty Christians don’t measure their walks with God by the Christians around them, or even by someone who’s done great exploits for God. Jesus is now the standard.

So what does a personally revived Christian look like?

They’re pure, devoted, and fearless. They’re loyal to God and keep His commands. They cling to the cross and long for the return of Christ. While others let their love for the Lord, their brothers and sisters, and their enemies wax cold, they love with intensity.

They love truth, speak truth, and stand for truth. They stand stalwart against doubt and unbelief. They walk by faith and not by sight. They’re militant against lies and deception. They courageously swim against the tide of the world’s philosophies, movements, and culture.

While others are asleep to prayer, they’re mighty prayer warriors. They’re awake when others are asleep—and hungry for God when others don’t care. They pursue lives of holiness when other believers are steeped in compromise. Revived Christians sing an octave too high, exasperating other believers living comfort-zone Christianity. They’re talked about and falsely accused. They’re labeled as legalistic, fanatical, and extreme. But they pay no mind to their critics because they’re overcomers! They’ll never let anyone extinguish their fire.

They’re living, breathing, walking revivals—setting everything they touch ablaze for God. They’re signs and wonders in the hands of Almighty God. They start fires wherever they go and will help usher in the greatest harvest this world has ever seen. They have a holy desperation for God and view the spiritual desert as a tremendous opportunity to thirst after Jesus.

They’ve been tried and tested and proven faithful. They’re true biblical Christians. They’re believers who have been personally revived.

How do you know you’re thirsty for Jesus? When you don’t care if you ever leave the desert—because you found intimacy with Jesus there. That’s how you’ll feel about this journey to personal revival. You won’t want it to end.

Jesus is revival.

Pray for Jesus to give you thirst for Him!

–Jamie Morgan, adapted from her book Thirsty: A 31-Day Journey to Personal Revival (PrayerShop Publishing 2021).

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