3 Benefits of Praying Out Loud

When we pray, most people just pray in their head, silently. There is nothing at all wrong with praying that way. But there are some extremely valuable benefits to praying out loud—even if you are praying by yourself.

Here are 3 benefits to consider:

Praying out loud stops your mind from wandering!

Many of us find it difficult when we pray in our minds, to stay focused on the topic. I try to pray, but all of a sudden, I am thinking about my to do list, or some random thought creeps in. Soon I am all messed up in my prayer. When you pray out loud that does not happen. Something happens in the brain when we vocalize what we are thinking that stops the mind from wandering as much.

Praying out is a powerful spiritual warfare weapon.

As believers, we have authority over the enemy and the demonic. There is no biblical proof that the demonic can read our minds. When we pray out loud, asking God to do something in the midst of a situation, the enemy might hear us, and he has to pay attention and respond to our authority. Our out loud prayers can lessen the enemy’s ability to work in our sphere of influence.

Praying out loud gives us confidence to pray with others.

Many of us find it difficult and uncomfortable to pray in a group—at least the first few times we do it. If you pray out loud when you are by yourself, you will get more comfortable hearing the sound of your voice when you pray. Then, when you gather with others to pray together, it will become easier for you to join in and pray out loud there.

Praying out loud is a simple practice that will reap big dividends in your prayer life. I encourage you to try it.

–Jonathan Graf is president of Church Prayer Leaders Network and the director of love2pray.com. His best-selling book is The Power of Personal Prayer.

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